Blog #4: Aaron Giovannone’s Nonnets

Here's a review that I really enjoyed writing, and it just surfaced in Arc Magazine... Renaissance Clockwork: Aaron Giovannone's The Nonnets MAR 4, 2019 JOHN LENT Aaron Giovannone, The Nonnets Toronto: Book*hug Press, 2018. I’ve been drifting around in Aaron Giovannone’s latest book of poems, The Nonnets, for a while, trying to figure out, ridiculously, why I love this … Continue reading Blog #4: Aaron Giovannone’s Nonnets

Blog #3: Some Notes On Per Petterson and Patti Smith

One of the self-indulgent luxuries of being retired is that I feel an innocent, almost childish thrill sometimes that I only remember having experienced as a young graduate student at The University of Alberta in the late 60s and at York University in the early 70s: it’s a decadent, even guilty sense that I had, … Continue reading Blog #3: Some Notes On Per Petterson and Patti Smith